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Single Tooth Implants in Hattiesburg, MS

Here at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, we understand how uncomfortable it is to be missing a tooth, even if it’s just one. If this is your case and you’re missing a single tooth, we're happy to let you know that a single implant and crown can be used to replace it.

Advantages of a Single Tooth Implant Over Bridges

Dental implants have multiple advantages over the available tooth replacement alternatives. They not only look and work just like a natural tooth, but they're able to replace just that tooth without affecting the surrounding teeth.

The most common alternative is the use of a fixed bridge supported by the neighboring teeth. In this case, it's necessary to grind down the teeth that will support the fixed bridge. This can be avoided with the use of a single dental implant, which, as we mentioned above, is a much better option since they don't negatively affect other teeth.

Additionally, since a dental implant will replace the root of your tooth, it helps preserve the bone around it. When a bridge is used some of the bone might begin to deteriorate. Dental implants have the advantage of integrating with your jawbone so they can keep it healthy.

In the long run, a single tooth implant can be much easier to maintain. With a bridge, you have to clean under the replacement tooth, which can be a challenge. With a dental implant, you floss it like your natural teeth.


First, the implant will be placed in your jaw, and we'll wait for it to fuse and bond with your jawbone over the next two to six months so it can become a supportive anchor for the crown. In the meantime, we'll provide you with a temporary tooth that you can wear while waiting for your permanent one. The second step is uncovering the implant to attach the abutment. This will complete the supporting base for your new tooth.

Some implants don't require this second step because the abutment may be placed when the implant is placed. We will decide the best option for you during your consultation since this will vary on a case by case basis. Finally, we place the crown that was custom made just for you. This will be your new tooth and is attached to the implant through an abutment. It won't be long before you recover your confidence in your smile, as well as experience improvements in any speaking or chewing issues the missing tooth might have been causing.

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To get more information about single-tooth implants and to find out if they're the best option for you, call the experienced professionals here at at (601) 255-9929 today.

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If you’re missing a single tooth, we're happy to let you know that a single implant and crown can be used to replace it. Call to book an appointment today!
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