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Platelet Rich Fibrin

Hattiesburg, MS woman smiling from dental chairAt Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, we are qualified in this fairly new procedure. Today, there has been widespread acceptance of the platelet-rich fibrin, or L-PRF, therapy in different medical fields including dentistry. This therapy is well known for its ability to accelerate healing after a surgical procedure, as it stimulates bone and tissue growth. This therapy has made it possible to enhance tissue repair, reduce post-operation pain, as well as reduce a patient’s healing time.

How Does Platelet-Rich Fibrin Work?

One exciting thing about L-PRF therapy is that it allows your body to capitalize on its natural healing capacity - but at a very accelerated rate. During the healing process, your body sends various types of cells to the injured area to start the healing process.

In platelet-rich fibrin therapy, we will draw your blood and extract growth elements from your blood. This isolated blood has 3 - 5 times the number of growth elements found in normal blood.

How Do We Use L-PRF Therapy?

We use platelet-rich fibrin therapy during bone grafting, surgical tooth extraction, and sinus lifting procedures.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Procedure

This is a simple procedure that begins with drawing a small amount of blood from the patient before the surgery starts. This will happen during your appointment. Next, we use a special centrifuge machine that extracts the platelet-rich fibrin. This machine spins your blood, and this process separates the blood components. Then we introduce the platelet-rich fibrin in the area of surgery and close it with sutures. If you need more information about the L-PRF therapy, kindly contact Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, at (601) 255-9929 today!

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