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Dental Implant Placement

Here at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, we can perform dental implant placement for your missing and damaged teeth. Dental implant placement is a procedure where the tooth roots are replaced with titanium or ceramic posts.

When You Should Have One

You can consider a dental implant placement if you have one or more missing teeth, if you have damaged teeth that can't be restored, or if you find it difficult to wear removable partial or complete dentures.

How it Works

In general, dental implants will be placed inside your jawbone. These will act as the roots for the artificial teeth. Don’t worry about the material used in the procedure being rejected or causing infections because it is often used in the human body since it bonds well with the bones.

This procedure will take some time before completion because of the time needed to heal. The implant placement will take place in one or two steps, including removing the damaged tooth and preparing the jawbone for the implant. This includes bone grafting if necessary. After successful healing, the crown will be placed on the implant.

From start to completion, the process may take several months with the bulk of it spent on healing. However, this will depend on various factors such as your health condition, the procedure performed on you, and the materials used.

The Procedure

First, we’ll go through your medical history to determine whether you have any medical conditions that may hinder the procedure. Then we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of the area in question. This includes oral x-rays and 3D images to get a clear understanding of your mouth. Working in unison with cone beam 3D imagery, the X-Guide navigation system gives us a real advantage when we are performing dental implant placement surgery, allowing us to place implants with high accuracy and stellar success rates.

Next, we’ll craft a tailored treatment plan which will consider elements such as the number of teeth you want to be replaced, the remaining teeth, and your jawbone’s condition.

During the procedure, we’ll open the gums and expose the bone. A space will be created in the bone for the dental implant, then the implant is inserted into the bone. After the implant, you’ll have to wait four months for the jawbone to integrate with the dental implant. This will form the foundation for the new artificial tooth.

The next procedure involves placing the abutment, which is where the crown will attach. This may require a minor surgery to expose the implant. If so, the final step (fabrication of tooth) can begin in two weeks.

For more information about dental implant placement, get in touch with our professionals at at any time.

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Dental Implant Placement | Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC
Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, can perform dental implant placement for missing teeth. Which is a procedure where the tooth roots are replaced with titanium.
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