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Caring for Your Dental Implant in Hattiesburg, MS

Patient smiling after learning how to care for a dental implant from Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC in Hattiesburg, MSA dental implant is a fantastic option in replacing missing teeth with incredible long term results, but how you care for them can lengthen their success even more. At Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, we can discuss tips and tricks to keep the area around your implant free of disease causing bacteria. Keeping your gum tissue and bone healthy is important to keeping your implant secure.

Caring for your dental implants involves both the work of our team and you, the patient.

Steps We Take to Care for your Implant

Our staff completes a series of preparatory tasks depending on the type of implant you’re having placed. This may include bulking up the bone, gaining control of chronic periodontitis, making recommendations to increase your rate of healing, or more. Additionally, we take considerable time in planning the placement of your implant, as we want to be very precise in this work.

Once your implant is placed, we will provide instructions for both immediate care while healing. As your implant heals, and after, we will continue to check the status of your implant during your dental checkups. We may make recommendations during any phase of the healing process.

Steps You Can Take to Care for your Implant

Caring for your implant is not difficult, it just requires a little consideration. In the beginning, you will need to treat the implant site with considerable caution. This includes eating soft foods, and brushing regularly with a careful touch. Your bone needs time to heal and as it does, it should integrate with the implant bonding the two together firmly. After your implant is firm, caring for the implant and prosthetic that is covering it, is very similar to caring for your own natural teeth. We will ask that you:
•  Brush 2x a Day: Just as we advise all of our patients, patients with dental implants need to brush their teeth twice a day. This is to reduce or remove disease causing bacteria. You will want to use a soft bristled brush and a low abrasive toothpaste.
•  Brush All Around Prosthetic: To avoid infection, try to brush all around the prosthetic covering your implant. Angle the brush toward the gumline and clear away debris and plaque.
•  Floss or Waterpik: You will want to clean between your teeth and along the gumline. You can use floss or a waterpik to accomplish this. The waterpik is a type of water irrigator to wash away debris.
•  Drink Water:Drinking water has so many health benefits. One of the benefits includes washing the inside of your mouth. We naturally produce saliva to wash our mouths, but some patients have decreased saliva production, so the addition of drinking water is just beneficial for added care.

Our team is here to discuss this information or provide more specific information for your needs. We want to help you be successful with your dental implant. For more information, contact our Hattiesburg office at (601) 255-9929.

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Caring for Your Dental Implant | Pine Belt Periodontics
Our professionals want to keep the area around your implant free of disease, keeping your gum tissue and bone healthy so your implant stays secure. Call today!
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