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Can Stress Impact Your Oral Health?

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Can Stress Impact Your Oral Health?If you are experiencing stress, it could have a big impact on your oral health. Stress is a state of tension that arises due to difficult or tough situations. Distress is part of life, everyone experiences it, and is almost impossible to do away with it or avoid it entirely. However, reducing stress levels is very crucial as it helps avoid irreversible consequences on your overall body health or even your oral health.

How Stress Strains Our Oral Health

It is known that if you are subject to increased levels of daily stress, you are less attentive to your overall health, and more specifically your oral health. Stressed people are less likely to indulge in exercise and tend to use tobacco and alcohol or other drugs, which just increase tension and keep the body under more strain, including oral health. Stressful situations can impact your oral health in different ways. People with stress, depression, or anxiety are more likely to experience teeth grinding and dry mouth or even gum disease and decay. During times of stress, you may be so much disturbed that you even completely ignore your oral hygiene.


Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is said to be more severe during episodes of anxiety and stress. It usually occurs at night, therefore, you may not realize it and the damage it causes to your teeth. Teeth grinding severely damages your teeth' structure and enamel. It can result in a sore jaw and facial pain.

Dry Mouth

Stress may also cause dry mouth. The side effects of stress medications can also lead to dry mouth. Without enough saliva in the mouth, your mouth will accumulate more bacteria. Saliva flow helps in cleaning the mouth, keeping harmful bacteria at low levels. Without saliva, you may suffer from tooth decay. Additionally, tooth decay may increase at times of stressful events because you neglect your oral hygiene.

Gum Disease

When stressed, the body produces a stress hormone referred to as cortisol, which can contribute to damage of gums as well as bone tissue. Therefore, if you're struggling with psychological problems such as anxiety, loneliness, stress, or depression, you are susceptible to tooth loss. Contact our team to discover how oral health relates to stress or depression.

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