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How To Prepare For a Periodontal Surgery

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Pine Belt Periodontics
How To Prepare For a Periodontal SurgeryWhen you have severe oral conditions that affect your oral health, you should consider periodontal surgery to help fix them. If you have scheduled a periodontal surgery with us, you need to prepare for it. There are several tips on how to prepare for periodontal surgery; some of them include.

Check Your Eating Habits

If you are scheduled to undergo periodontal surgery, you need to be careful with what you eat. There are several dietary pre-operative guidelines you should observe before the surgery. Generally, you are not supposed to eat or drink anything eight hours before the periodontal surgery. If the surgery involves a local anesthetic, you can eat a light meal two hours before the procedure. However, you should brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before coming in.

Organize Transportation

One thing most patients ignore when preparing for periodontal surgery is organizing transportation. The procedure might have a significant impact on your ability to drive, making it challenging to arrive safely. Therefore, it is best to have a family member or friend accompany you to our offices and drive you back after the procedure. If that isn't possible, you should consider hiring a cab. Don't attempt driving because your body won't be in a good state to do so. Your reflexes could also be impaired, making you less steady.

Plan Your Diet

It is also essential to organize your post-operative diet. Now that you need to give your mouth time to recover after periodontal surgery, you need to be cautious with the foods you eat. Stick to eating soft foods for the best results. Therefore, you should shop for all the foods you will need before coming in for the procedure. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on how to prepare for periodontal surgery.

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