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Straws Can Improve Your Oral Discomfort When You Have Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Straws Can Improve Your Oral Discomfort When You Have Sensitive TeethPeople with tooth sensitivity have challenges drinking cold or hot beverages. This condition can be a symptom of a wide variety of dental issues. Some common causes of tooth sensitivity include gum recession, teeth grinding, tooth erosion, exposed dentin, and worn-out tooth enamel. Dealing with tooth sensitivity can be a challenge but using straws can help improve the discomfort this condition causes.

How Straws Help

Using a straw can help reduce the discomfort by bypassing cold beverages over sensitive areas if you have tooth sensitivity. When you drink hot or cold beverages straight from the bottle or cup, the chances of it reaching the sensitive areas are high. If the sensitive areas are affected, it causes severe discomfort. However, using straws can help significantly. The hot or cold drinks will bypass the sensitive area and go at the back of your mouth where you swallow; there will be minimal contact with your teeth.

Drinks such as lemon water, fruit juice, and alcohol can make tooth sensitivity worse. This is because they contain high acid levels that can dissolve on your teeth's enamel and cause tooth sensitivity. As much as you should completely refrain from drinking such beverages, using a straw if you do will help reduce their impact on your teeth. They will not enter the sensitive area and cause further discomfort.

Furthermore, the sweet drinks sipped directly from the glass will be in direct contact with every part of your mouth, including the sensitive areas. This will not only increase the discomfort but also increase the chances of tooth decay. Also, sugary foods will stick to your teeth, and failure to remove them, bacteria will feed on them. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use straws, especially when you have sensitive teeth. For more information on how straws can help with tooth sensitivity, contact our offices.

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