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What Is A Periodontal Pocket?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Pine Belt Periodontics
What Is A Periodontal Pocket?Periodontitis is a serious, albeit fairly common, dental disease that can fortunately be treated easily. While it requires surgery when in the most advanced stages, general periodontitis treatment focuses more on preventative measures rather than a surgical approach.

During the progression periodontitis, the gums will start to recede and reveal the dental roots, creating an opening that allows plaque and oral bacteria to live in. This opening is called a periodontal pocket. Oral bacteria like to reside there because commercial toothbrushes and flosses can never reach them. The only solution to get rid of this issue is to come to us for a thorough periodontal prophylaxis treatment.

How Periodontal Prophylaxis Works

Periodontal prophylaxis to the way we clean the areas under your teeth. We do this by scraping off the plaque and tartar underneath the gums using a scaling tool. This special device comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, letting us clean the areas underneath your gums no matter how big or small they may be.

After doing this, the body can then start repairing the area between the tooth and the gums. Smaller periodontal pockets could close on their own, if the area remains clean and free of plaque.

Larger periodontal pockets, however, might never close. This could catch plaque again and become home to another colony of oral bacteria. When this happens, we would need dental surgery to fix the area.

When Deep Cleaning Is Not Enough

Periodontal disease can destroy large areas around the periodontal pocket. It can even destroy the jawbone surface from underneath the teeth. Depending on your case, we may even need to graft bone tissues to strengthen the jaw and a layer of gum tissue to close the gum area. To learn more about periodontal disease and periodontal pockets and determine your risk for them, please do not hesitate to schedule a visit to our office.

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