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Safeguard Your Oral Health This Christmas: Tip No2. – Get Creative With Your Meals!

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Safeguard Your Oral Health This Christmas: Tip No2. – Get Creative With Your Meals!Keeping dental health optimal during Christmas and New Year times can be difficult. Each year, we educate our patients to brace up with their oral hygiene and maintain a good job throughout the year. However, we know that it may not be easy during the festive seasons.

As such, we pass on handy tips to help our patients prevent potential dental issues at a time when they are having their celebrations and special times with families and friends. One of the things we focus on is meals since they can contribute to poor oral health.

Getting Creative with Meals

Rather than filling up plates with sweet treats and carbohydrates, it would be best if you showcase your culinary art and skills by offering healthier alternatives during Christmas and New Year. Here, healthy does not certainly mean dull. You can have recipes that are of low-carb dishes and low-sugar desserts. Preparing these for your families and loved ones aids in promoting oral health and preventing many oral problems likely to arise this time of festivities.

Recommended Healthier Foods

Try out meals that protect the teeth and gums such as fruits, fish, and veggies abundant in fiber. Whole grains and nuts are also great choices. However, be careful with crunchy, hard, or sticky foods if you have just received restorations like crowns, fillings, veneers, and the like because they can harm the restorations. The healthier foods allow families to avoid sugar and protect their smiles.

We want families to enjoy their festivities at Christmas and NYE in style. However, keeping everything in moderation is essential. Most importantly, ensure you brush and floss daily after meals. Make sure you head to the dentist for a checkup before and after the Christmas season because something wrong could happen that jeopardizes your oral health.

Visit our office for more tips to keep the gums and teeth healthy at Christmas or just get your treatment and cleanings done.

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